FG Design is guided by an interdisciplinary management team. Our common vision is to implement a strategy that blends a strong ambition for national and international development with continuous control over growth, production processes, and client satisfaction.

Grouped into the management corporation, Management Service, the executive team provides FG Design with all necessary support resources, enabling the designers to concentrate on exercising their profession.

David Florentin,
HEC Executive MBA - Ecole Boule, Executive and Artistic Director,


Stéphane Liégeois,
HEC Executive MBA - CPE Engineer, Executive Director for Commercial Development and Communication,

FG Design's management and development enables each designer to blossom and continually progress to benefit our clients. Stimulating creativity, accumulating knowledge and know-how, sharing, teamwork, a taste for quality... are some of the values that characterize the atmosphere and operating rules at FG Design.