FG Design handles both the roles of project design and construction project management. The company provides a high value offer in its Turnkey operations that handle all aspects of project management for the client. However, FG Design's services may also be used just for the design phases or to create custom furniture or fittings.

FG Design works in the following sectors:

* Residential: apartments, Houses, Villas, Chalets...

* Luxury hotels
* Boutiques
* Vacation resorts

* Corporations

In the design phase, our contracts are constructed to allow a step-by-step progression of the project, through the decision to carry out the work: sketches, simplified preliminary drafts and detailed designs including plans, perspectives of the primary spaces, selection of materials and atmospheres, construction budget, and scheduling.

In the construction phase, the contract sets out all the planning stages, including an agreement on the delivery date, from oversight and reporting on the work to acceptance of the construction by the client.

Some types of projects (Public sector, Major accounts) can also be carried out through the management of invitations to tender and awarding contracts with subcontractors.