At FG Design, sketching consists of quickly producing drawings or layouts with the client to develop ideas together, reflecting on the fittings for a specific location, rapidly projecting a transformation of a space... This is an important step that helps rough out a project.

Detailed drawings and freehand perspectives

As the project is refined, it is important for the client to be able to visualize the final rendering of all the key spaces. Detailed freehand drawings, especially the layouts, will help facilitate client validation of the spatial design, furniture shapes... Working with layered design techniques, the designer can change details to achieve the exact rendering desired by the client.

3D Modeling - Animation

The 3D computer tools used by the designers are perfect for working on different versions, or options within the project. The level of rendering of the images and animations generated is very close to reality. Above all, there are no limits on viewing the project from any angle, which often facilitates its design.

2D Autocad Plans

Flat plans are drawn using Autocad, the universal tool for all the design industries. Layouts with all dimensions, technical plans, elevations... will constitute the set of reference plans for the construction phases.

Specifications for atmosphere and materials

One of the designer's primary tasks is to propose a group of materials, equipment, and objects to the client to create a harmonious style, atmosphere, and decor for the project. Translated into specifications for the atmosphere and materials, the client can become immersed in his or her project by visualizing all of its details.