Furniture and the various interior fittings are essential for the success of a project: these are the first elements visible, even before the final decor that gives life and warmth to the habitat. The style, volume, lines, wood types, ergonomics, functionality, lighting, colors, and finishes are some of the parameters that must be skillfully blended for complete and harmonious integration within the spaces created.

Creating a custom piece of furniture is both an artistic and technical process. FG Design understands the design rules for all types of furniture and fittings: Libraries, Kitchens, Offices, Vanities, Dressing Rooms, Tables, bars... and can combine materials to give a creation a special character.

Florentin Menuiserie

To build its designs, FG Design works in close collaboration with its sister company Florentin Menuiserie, a technical design and production studio for furniture and fittings.

This structure helps guarantee a perfect transition from the design stage to the physical construction stage in each project. It also helps us benefit from the expertise of the cabinetmakers for designs that require significant technical skill and strong attention to detail.