The creativity of the designers at FG Design is constantly at work to develop the Luxe Florentin Design furniture line. They seek new lines and shapes to create furniture that is simultaneously beautiful, original, and varied. In the production phases, the cabinetmakers of Florentin Menuiserie use great technical skill to satisfy the designers' audacity. Given a special place in all designs, the blend of materials, wood types, finishes, and lighting help further emphasize the finesse of the lines. All designs can be customized. Each piece of furniture is numbered and bears the inviolable FG stamp guaranteeing the authenticity of production and protecting client investments in our furniture.

Some examples displayed in Paris

FD - Conic :

Furniture with conical shapes, built of Wenge and Sycamore, on a swivel base. Can be used as a jewelry box, sample box, storage accessory, standing table...
Can be made in a Bar version with automatically retractable Ice bucket, retractable glass and bottle holders, and a door and drawer system that mesh perfectly with the conical form.

fd-egg FD - Egg Table :

This low lacquered table in the shape of a half-egg can be transformed into a high dining table with a single click from a remote control. Hidden lighting gives the impression of depth at the center of the table and accentuates the effect of form.
This piece can be made in other sizes and colors.

FD - Arc Console:

The Arc Console is a hanging console in the form of an arc or airplane wing with an optional mirror. Mixing Wenge, opalescent Glass, and a luminous effect, its finesse can emphasize a wall expanse in subdued and elegant ways.
This piece can be made in other sizes, wood types, and colors.

fd-comadesk FD - Coma Desk :

A desk in the curved shape of a comma; with glass paneling and a mixed wood and glass surface. Materials are Wenge and translucent Glass.
Can be made in other sizes, wood and glass types, and colors.