FG Design can work for the Client as a Project Manager for construction projects. For this purpose, terms for deadlines, quality, and costs are established in a contract with the client. Thus, FG Design is responsible for the technical choices inherent in building the work in conformance with the client's requirements.

Within the framework of its assignment, FG Design will designate an individual to manage the progress of the project: the designer will carry out this role to guarantee proper continuity between the design and construction phases of the project.

The progress of the project will unfold according to the traditional stages of the architecture and interior architecture industries:

• Simplified Preliminary Draft and Detailed Design

• Complete design
• Invitation to tender and contract award (only for public contracts)
• Construction management

• Acceptance of the works

As project manager, the designer and an economist will carry out the following together:

• A complete set of plans for the preliminary design and project phases,

• Estimated and detailed budgets for the work,
• Technical and quantitative descriptions of the various batches (Technical Specifications and General Terms and Conditions for invitations to tender)
• Selection of construction companies and service orders
• Construction schedule,
• Weekly or monthly construction site reports
• Final acceptance reports.